The Best Thing I Ate in Spain

If you are looking for a must-try food in Spain, you have to try the churros con chocolate! This popular, indulgent breakfast treat is a must when visiting.

If you are looking for a must-try food in Spain, you have to try the churros con chocolate! This popular, indulgent breakfast treat is a must when visiting.

When researching where to eat in Spain, one item seemed to be featured on many breakfast menus: churros con chocolate.

I am normally the type to prefer a sweet breakfast over a savory one so these seemed right up my alley!  I was so excited to try these churros that I had to order it on our first day in Spain.

We had arrived in the afternoon and had a long wait until dinner time since Spanish dinner doesn’t start until around 8pm at the earliest.  While wandering the Barrio Gotico we got hungry and needed something to get us through. 

Churros at Bar El comercio

Luckily Spaniards have a snack in between lunch and dinner which they call merienda.  This is usually between 3 and 6pm and is generally a sweet snack, such as a slice of cake, pastry, even ice cream, and a coffee.  I don’t know about you but merienda might just be my favorite meal of the day – tell me why we don’t partake in this in North America?!  I love this concept.  Then again I am a dessert fiend so it might not be for everyone 😉 

Anyway, merienda came in handy our first day in Spain.  We sat down at a cafe and ordered our first sampling of churros con chocolate and two cafes con leches.  My cafe con leche came with a chocolate on the side.  Say whaaat? Can I always get a chocolate paired with my coffee?  I would be in heaven. 

The churros came on a plate with a mug of hot chocolate with a small spoon.  Now, this was not regular drinking chocolate . This was thick, dense, rich chocolate!  The type you need to add a packet or 2 of sugar to (unless you like it bitter) and eat with a spoon.  The churros were crispy and super greasy and dipping them into the dense molten chocolate was mind-blowing.  Muy rico!!

Churros con chocolate at Bar El Comercio

I announced to Ryan that we must eat this as much as we can while in Spain to take advantage of this amazing treat. Thus churros con chocolate became a daily thing.  Luckily for me there were entire restaurants that specialize in these fried delicious snacks called “churrerias“. 

Every city we went to I had to have my churro fix and sought out the best churreria.  Below are my favourites:

Bar El Comercio

Bar El Comercio is found in the alleyways of Seville.  The churros con chocolate here did not disappoint.  In fact, they were some of the best we had during our travels across Spain!  I liked that the chocolate was very thick and the churros were crispy.  The cafe con leche was perfect as well.


Churros con chocolate at Bar el Comercio


We appreciated that this restaurant opened early in the morning (7:30am) so that we could eat before heading to the Real Alcazar for our 9am entry time.  The atmosphere in the restaurant also has a real local vibe which we enjoyed.  Prices were very affordable.


Churros con chocolate at Bar el Comercio


We stumbled upon Chocolat-Box while in Barcelona.  Ryan and I were getting hungry wandering the streets of the Barrio Gotico, waiting for restaurants to open for dinner when we walked past this cafe.  It looked inviting so we decided to stop in to relax our feet and indulge in a sweet treat for merienda.


Churros con chocolate at Chocolat Box
We ordered the churros con chocolate and a cafe con leche which came with a chocolate treat.  Both were very tasty and were a decent price.  Service was very friendly here, more so than at other places we visited.  There is also a bathroom downstairs if you need one as they aren’t always easy to find when you are exploring the maze of streets.

Granja M. Viader

Based on recommendations online and in travel books, I knew I had to try Granja M. Viader while in Barcelona.  Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed in the churros here because one serving was very small compared to the other restaurants we had visited – it only came with 4 small churros.  However the chocolate was very tasty and nice and thick the way I like it.


Churros con chocolate at Granja M Viader


They also had some other amazing dishes for breakfast, though!  The mel i mato (cheese and honey) was to die for!  I definitely recommend this dish.


Prices were okay but not the cheapest.  We came here at 9am on a Friday morning and were able to get a table no problem.  However it seems tourists are discovering this place as there were many dining there and the place filled up by 10am, so aim to get there earlier than later. Service was friendly enough and the staff were able to speak English.


Churros con chocolate at Granja M Viader

Churreria Alba

Churreria Alba is located on the main shopping strip in Ronda, “La Bola” aka Carrera Espinel.  To be honest, it wasn’t our favourite churros we ate in Spain but it seemed to be the best choice in town that we could find.  They were still good!  Just not as good as the other wonderful places we tried.  The chocolate was less thick and the churros less crispy.  They did have other good options on the menu, though.

Churros con chocolae at Churreria Alba

Cafe Futbol

Now with a name like Cafe Futbol you might not know what to expect.  It certainly threw me off at first.  But we are so glad we tried it as it turned out to be our favourite churreria in all of Spain!

Churros con chocolate at Cafe Futbol

This cafe is located in the heart of Granada and appeared to be a very popular place!  It was very charming and had an old-school vibe about it.  There were men meeting there for an early morning chat over cafe con leche with churros and office people stopping in on their way to work.

Churros con chocolate at Cafe Futbol

The churros here were perfectly crispy and the chocolate just right.  Ryan ordered an ensaimada as well and it was amazing.  Don’t miss this cafe when in Granada!

Ensaimada at Cafe Futbol

Churros con chocolate at Cafe Futbol


If you have any other suggestions of places to try great churros, please let us know in the comments below!


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